Max Options Trading Membership Reviews

Ive been in this group for about 4ish months i believe, and didnt realize until recently as to what they have to offer. The fact that you can listen to @Max Options Trading condors and others spread - as safe plays - to easily make the 60$ fee and everything past that is all profit. I really suggest that if you're in here for the temporary memembership, i highly suggest you stay because all admin work with you and explain things thoroughly rather jsut tell you what to do and dont! Great work MOT - cant wait for more of these profits!!

@Wild BT

I want to personally thank @Max Options Trading and this team. I had seen them post multiple times on Facebook and other social media. Seeing what showed multiple wins back to back, it seemed too good to be true. I had quite a few doubts - is this another pump and dump group? do they even know what they're doing? (as most of the advertised groups don't), is this just a scam to get my card information? I hesitated for a few weeks and one massive loss brought them back to my memory. I took a 125k hit on a very poorly placed trade. This left me desperate, I remembered the name and I went back to their FB page and signed up. This in turn, was the best decision I had made in 4 year trading career. Not only is this team accurate and friendly but they help you learn every step along the way. They work with every skill level, constantly answering questions and steering all to the right direction. I can honestly say without this group I may have kept going down the rabbit hole and losing all that I had worked so hard to earn. As of today I have fully recovered from my 125,000$ loss. All of that is thanks to the reassurance and aid of @Max Options Trading and the rest of this team that I am so thankful to be apart of. If you're considering joining, don't think about it, be like Shia LaBeouf and Just do it.

@GesusJuice ?

I've been part of this group since about the beginning. I've learned so much over that time that I have started trading my 401k myself. I took over my 401k around July 2020. I want to say thanks to @Max Options Trading and the people at MOT for teaching me how to trade. I can't thank you guys enough for everything. Everyday we grow and learn as a group. I appreciate you guys. $100k this year?


Been with the group for over a year now and it has been great watching the team continue to improve on this group. The admins are great and would like to give a special shout out to @$nooop and @Bryan? as they have been some of the easiest and consistent traders to follow. The other admins have great callous as well but some are quick scalps and hard to get in on. Been with multiple other options groups and this one has kept me around so they're doing something right.


Its nice when we know hedging skill. Its always safe!!! Thanks for my life- changing team!!! Hands down especially for @Max Options Trading , @MattL? , @xbr, @Boot ? for always dedicating to show us how to control our emotions and no greed, give us the best online class, watchlist, and alert in the market EVERYDAY!!!! And one more thing im sure that i will stick with the group for entire of my life. Wherever they go , i follow. Best group with the knowledge ever!!!!

@scary gary

I took my first option trade yesterday with @Bryan? & have been following @MattL? small account sigs. And though I’m still learning , I am loving the process and the wins . Truly so thankful for all the help , patience and will you guys put into this group .


After spending some some time watching this team on Instagram, trying to get a feel for what the core values/trading strategies are of the team, I decided to give it a shot in the Discord for a week. I have paid to be part of several other groups this summer, and I left because there was a lot of "chatter" in the groups, not pertaining to trading whatsoever, and it became a distraction. The group analysts would make frequent signals, but very few times, they would signal an exit or they would just become completely silent and not answer questions for those trying to learn. I've only been in this group for the last two days, and I can tell the discussion is MUCH different, and I appreciate that. I see @MattL? constantly answering questions in the main chat, and @Nick helping others in the beginner's channel. Also, the signals have been excellent, and the discussion among the actual members in the chat pertains to stocks and what's going on in the market. Everyone helps eachother, which is SO awesome. I think I finally found a team that aligns with what I'm looking for, to learn and take my trading knowledge up a notch. Grateful for the educational resources available to the members, and the admin team who are providing constant value in this group.


Let me start off by saying this is the best trading group I have ever been part of. When I joined the group two months ago I had decent knowledge on trading options. However, this group takes things to the next level. Forget the I’m guessing 95% hit rate on there call outs but the knowledge they give you can’t put a price on that. They teach you how to be a better trader. The TA’s and explanations behind there trades are enlightening. This group is like a family and they really go above and beyond to make sure you are successful. They have grown my account around 500% in the last two months. I just want to say thank you to all the admins and Max this chat has made me thousands and I hope to continue to grow and make money. :muscle_tone2:

@andrewsmitty ?

As an update to my last testimonial, I am extremely excited that I have been able to increase my portfolio exponentially since my last post. I joined Max Options Trading on June 15, 2020 with $5,600. As at yesterday’s (July, 10, 2020) close, my account has compounded ridiculously to about $102k!!! A HUGE shout out to Max and team for the great calls they made! The success rate of these calls have been insane! Although I made some calls of my own, Max and team have been able to build a big safety net in guiding portfolio protection in terms of solid day and swing trades, taking profits and cutting losses and oh boy, the unusual options activity section is :fire:!!!! I absolutely have no regrets joining this platform and hopefully, when I clock a month on here on July 15, I hope I can share another positive update!


Didn't even know this existed here, thought only on the MOT website. Not going to specifically tag one or two admins because every single admin here are exceptionally knowledgeable and are always there for you when you need help. 3months in so far and I haven't even thought about "Is this channel worth it? did i make the $80/month back???" lol.... not gonna answer that :slight_smile: Recommend taking all the courses available on!!!No bullshit & Quality info and resources only. You wont regret it. But I do have to give a shoutout to @Boot ? @Max Options Trading @MattL? @pampkinparty000 @Bryan? for always answering my questions thoughtfully with no hesitation


One of the most valuable lessons I've learned from MOT is to think in terms of risk and not just potential profit. One of most fundamental risk management techniques I've learned here is to spread your risk around multiple trades. They won't all be winners but your chances of net profit are higher this way.

This picture is a testimonial to this. Multiple trades, not all are winners right now, but a net profit of nearly $200 on the day (nearly $50k per year). I know this isn't the crazy 100%+ banger that people like to flex, but on a 5/9 win rate, and only a couple hours of "work", I made nearly $200 yesterday which is more than the average American makes per day working their day job.


Shoutout @Max Options Trading once again. Transferred my earning and initial investment out to the bank to invest in real estate. Earlier this year I took my Roth IRA 18k to 140k
This month after a few bounces on my personal account I took 25k to 39k and cashed out. Always a fun time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@In DAL We Trust✈

Started with this team about 2 months ago, been patiently learning and this is one of my accounts thank you to the MOT team for being patient yet very informative and I plan to grow with you guys

Coaching Reviews

Coaching from @MattL? is a must for new, or active traders. This dude is a machine the amount of work he puts in is unmatched. It seems like Matt is working with a 40hr day when everyone else has the regular 24 I don’t know how he does it. Not only does Matt put in the work he also has all the knowledge to back it up.
Matt can show you all the fundamental knowledge that you need in order to feel confident that you can grow a small account into a big one. And do it with consistency. If you are lucky enough to get one on one coaching with Matt definitely take it. The value is unmatched and it can definitely take your trading to the next level. The one-on-one sessions go over any topic you would like so if you’ve ever wanted to just pick the brain of a great trader here’s your opportunity.


had a great session with @Boot ? and @pampkinparty000 . great content on indicators, and charts reading, and patterns. I could listen to these guys every day to learn. Thanks. Time to practice it on my own


Wanted to give a quick shoutout to @Bryan for giving a very in-depth coaching session with lots of useful info. I definitely recommend taking one if some of you haven't.
No, no one paid me to say this lol


Just got done with a lesson from the man @MattL? himself, made it super simple very easy to learn and will definitely steer you in the right direction.. I HIGHLY recommend you take his course in creating a watchlist. It will be very well worth it for you


Stop sleeping on the lessons and mentoring program. If you are trying to be a successful trader while learning and haven't taken them, you are wasting time that could be spent making money. They will teach you what they know and anything you want to learn, you can ask about anything and they will cover it for you. What more could you ask for?


Just got to give a huge shout out to @Boot ? for going over his coaching session with me. Even though im an employee of the company I still have alot to learn and I wanted to build more confidence in my charting and TA. If you guys need in detail help or want to learn how to chart or just to build confidence like the admins I highly suggest taking a coaching session from them it is well worth it I enjoyed every second of it! Thank you again @Boot ? amazing job brother i appreciate it!


From my personal experience the modules were amazing and full of knowledge and the price is definitely worth it and It feels great to be able to leave the modules feeling like I got my moneys worth each time. Some of the topics teach you tricks and tips on how to deal with this always changing market . I would’ve never figured out half the things I learned on my own and I feel confident now making my own picks and closing out trades to take profits consistently. Thank you guys for all your help and support :31:

Mentorship Reviews

Got done with my mentorship call with @pampkinparty000 a bit ago, and gotta say, he filled in a lot of gaps that I had had about Technical Analysis, and I feel much more confident moving forward with trading. He explained everything well, and even had a good few sections of "quizzes" where i did some charting while he made sure the information i was getting was being received. Excited for the coming weeks to start practicing and putting the practice to work. Highly recommend the mentorship if you're on the fence! Thank you again @pampkinparty000 and all of the admins here that made a place for people who are hungry to learn. Cheers yall!


Last year I began to trade using Robinhood but I didn't get into it a whole lot until early this year, just before Corona. I had know idea at the time about technical analysis or anything else. I traded news, I followed Twitter traders and I looked at stocks that fell during the first part of Corona thinking that if they fell, they will definitely come back up. I was seriously wrong and lost almost $1,500, which at the time was over 3/4 of my account. I was devastated and I thought that the market wasn't for me and that my dreams of financial freedom was over. All I could think about was how am I supposed to learn to generate real wealth and help my family if I just lose? I first heard about MOT from a coworker who is also in the group. He told me about the family atmosphere and how knowledgeable the staff and members were about the market. I was skeptical at first thinking it might be like the Twitter traders who are more about pump-n-dump than actually helping other traders. I finally joined after a week or two of thinking about it. It didn't take me long to realize that this group is not like any other group. They actually care and are genuine. The amount of knowledge in MOT is unreal, there isn't much they can't teach you. Yeah of course they have great calls and they will help make you some money if you follow them, but this group is more than that. This group is about growing a community of traders who are on a path to financial freedom and a life more fulfilled. The administrators, the moderators and the premium members are always quick to help and eager to teach you what you need to know to be successful. This is not a get rich quick group, but if you listen, ask questions, study and don't give up, you will win. I want to give a specific shoutout and thank you to @MattL? who has gone above and beyond to help me on this journey. He added me to his mentorship and has taught me a lot, I'm grateful to have the opportunity. I appreciate you guys.

@xlawman83 ?

I just finished my first 1 on 1 meeting with @MattL? for the Mentorship program and it blew me away. He answered all of my questions and elaborated on everything to make sure I fully understood. He’s a great teacher and definitely wants the best for all of us. I can already tell there will be improvements in my trading. Can’t wait for the rest of this program! If you have the opportunity to sign up I definitely recommend doing it!


I started trading around June and I killed it from day 1 I thought it was easy making calls with 50% gains like nothing. Little did I know we were in the middle of something that has not happened before. My losses started to come around and when I was losing my confidence I joined a group that gave plays and tried to learn with them. It did not go so well as they only gave plays they sent and were not informative on why or when they were getting out. I joined MOT in August and after a short week I left the previous team and stuck with this team. I would follow just the admin plays and have no idea what I was doing. It wasn’t until I got hit hard with the market crash and lost almost 20k in 2 days when I realized I actually needed a team to help me know what I’m doing. I was not mad that I was down 20k because I have really found a passion doing this and I take it as a learning lesson but it allowed me to take the next step and join classes. It wasn’t til Matt messaged me about classes and I quickly joined and in our first session it was the most useful class I have had. He taught me so many strategies and techniques he uses. One stuck with me and it was the orb strategy that I use on a daily basis and now I’m at the point we’re I no longer have to follow the admin plays I can make my own and generate a second income. I was accepted in Matt’s mentorship group and from day 1 I learned an endless amount of knowledge about the market and very grateful that Matt takes the time out of his life to take care of the MOT team and his mentorship team. I know we don’t ask many questions in the calls but believe me when I say we learn a lot and most of the lessons stick lmao. But this team is much bigger then just a group, We’re a family that is helping each other grow and become better traders and that’s what makes this group special it’s not about making trades it’s about building a family of traders and growing knowledge of the craft.
I just want to say one last thanks to @Boot ? @MattL? @Max Options Trading @Bryan? and everyone enjoy their weekends and let’s get this bag next week.


Just wanted to give a shoutout to the MOT team and family we have on here. I started trading around July and thought I had a grasp on what i was doing. It wasn’t until I had lost a decent amount (an understatement) of my money that I was just sitting in my chair thinking, what the hell just happened. I took a shot with MOT and let me tell you, I haven’t regretted the decision since the day I joined. The resources, call outs, chat, and admins are all of superior quality. The best part about the group is that they teach you how to develop into a great trader. Yes it’s easy to blindly follow trades, and the call outs the team puts out are straight fire, but when you wish to become a legitimate trader and strive for a dream of financial freedom one day, you need to actually take the time to learn and have a willingness to be taught. I think that’s been the most valuable experience that I’ve gained from this group. They teach you about the tools, the set ups, the conditions that influence the market, and most importantly, the psychology of trading. In my brief period of trading I’ve learned that trading is 80% psychology and 20% execution (among other things), and with MOT you are able to be around individuals who can seriously show you the psychology that successful traders share and strive to achieve. Also, I want to give a big shout out to @MattL?. I am grateful enough to be a part of a mentorship group within the overall framework of MOT that he leads and it has taken my understanding of the market to a whole new level. Matt, and the other admins, show that they’re really want the newer traders to succeed and develop into successful, long time traders. I’ve been apart of this team since late July, and I look forward to continuing the journey well into the future. Keep up the great work fellas, we beginners appreciate the work and effort you put into making this group second to none :fire:


I highly recommend taking @MattL? 's one month mentorship course. The weekly classes are well-structured and organized, and also helps us see his thinking process. The program also includes 2 one-on-one sessions which I found incredibly helpful, as he is patient and provided valuable insights on my trading strategy and mistakes. Take this course if you want to strengthen your foundation, and have a deeply knowledgable mentor walk you through set ups each week. It's ok if you want @MattL? to keep giving you fish, but I would much rather be able to fish myself. :11: recommend @MattL?'s mentorship course!


Finally finished my course with @MattL?. If your looking to up your options trading game then you definitely need to take this course. Lets be real the price of this course is probably cheaper than 1 of our losses during a trade. This course is 1 month long and you get more than what you paid for. I came into the course knowing the basics, came out more knowledgeable. @MattL? is a good teacher and is very knowledgeable. Taking this course has built a solid foundation to keep learning and improving. Just like in life nothing lasts forever and this course may not because @MattL? he does so much already, get it while it lasts.


Want to take some time to thank the entire team at MOT for putting together such an unbelievable group that has a team constantly dedicated to helping people succeed and increasing their knowledge. Very truthfully when I joined I was just looking for some callouts and plays but it has turned into so much more. Firstly I gotta thank @MattL? for being one of the first people who took initiative in answering my questions and helping me out. This was even before he became a moderator and that really shows you the kind of group and family we got going on here. Everyone is always ready to help and all you need to do is ask. I genuinely spend more time learning and trying to increase me knowledge and skills than I do for anything else. Being lucky enough to be chosen to be a part of the mentor ship with Matt has really changed my entire perspective on trading and I’m learning so much it’s kinda crazy. One of the biggest things I’m learning is the psychology behind trading. I never knew how important that was until recently and it’s really helping me become a better trader. The coaching sessions with Matt are so helpful because you get to pick the brain of someone who is clearly very experienced and it’s great to try and implement some tactics into my own trading strategies. With Matt’s help I think I’ve finally found a good combination of indicators that are really starting to work for me and I know have the ability to take my own plays. I understand that it’s about finding the highest probability setup instead of just jumping into plays. I’m still learning as I go and one of the hardest things I’m finding out is really training yourself to follow a certain checklist before entering a trade. However if you do so, you normally end up with a lot more winning plays. Shoutout to @Max Options Trading for putting this whole thing together, as well as the coaching sessions and for finding constant ways to improve and help all the members in here.
@Boot ? and @Bryan? big thanks to you guys for answering any questions we throw in the chat and more so just always willing to help. Cheers to everyone in here and can’t wait to see where I’m at in a few months time. @MattL?


Had the pleasure to take part in @MattL? 's mentorship program, and cannot say enough about it. @MattL? should be charging a heck lot more for the time, knowledge, organization and patience he provides his students. I came in to the program with a decent idea of how the market and options work, but over the 4 weeks period, @MattL? really challenges you to and pushes you to see things differently. In the first week he told us that soon we would start seeing things on charts that we are blind to right now, and he was 100% correct. The chart go from 2D to 4D and you are starting to analyze your setups with a whole new perspective. The weekly chats are valuable, but the 1 on 1 session and the live chat during trading hours are key. Instant feedback on what you did wrong, what you did right. I have a LONG way to go but the mentorship program as laid a solid groundwork moving forward. Run, dont walk to sign up.

Guide Reviews

Anybody thinking about investing in the Max Options Spread Strategy Guide - Here's my answer to @Max Options Trading seeing if I could understand it.

Is it easy to understand? Damn skippy it is - to be honest, without having as confident a grasp on trading when i first invested in it, when you released it, it is easily laid out but MY uncertainty in the application was what led to a delay in making a play. Now that I've made one, it really just comes together. Especially removing all the extra emotion out of it. I make this play, It shall bring profits, and the larger the equity I have the greater that consistency can be made.
And to have you do the challenge is seriously the thing that has been the key to let me know that this works even for the little guy. I fucking appreciate what you're sharing with all I am. It just makes sense to be able to apply profit and grow at a steady rate. I played one iron condor and when it closes, is gonna raise my account up 4% without thinking twice. Why wouldn't I do this all the time? Oh yea, now I know how to and can.




Closed out my condor for tomorrow (11/12) for 70% gains. I have no open trades and won't be trading tomorrow since I'll be on vacation. More than made up for the big L on Monday. The spread strategy works.


What a week! Max Options Trading thank you for the amazing spread strategy guide! It was my first week trying. Not the cleanest execution but closed the spreads with 100% return. Working on getting a good fill and hedging as mentioned in phase 2 &3 but I can say I am already comfortable with this strategy. Excellent value for money guide!! Great stuff max!