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When you manage a Discord containing hundreds of options traders, you get the same questions often. As an education-first company, we answer every single question our members have. As a growing company, we want to give you another resource to help you better understand the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. 

We’ll continue to grow this post over time so check back often.  

What is the best charting signal to follow? Which one is capable of canceling all the noise and avoiding false signals?

Emas are the best, in our opinion, but you want to have a few signals line up to confirm any given trade. 

Where do you look to see divergence? Is it on the RSI?

RSI, set at 80/20.

Is it possible to have a cash account and access level 3 trading?

No, you can’t do spreads with a cash account. 

What are the best time frames for day trading and swing?

Swing trading – 1day/4hr/1hr

Day trading – 15/10/5/1

How far do you go back for support and resistance when day trading or scalping? 

You want to find price targets/levels. You should see clearly where the stock has trouble breaking through or falling below. The levels won’t change based on the time.

How do you do the wheel strategy?

You sell cash-secured puts while simultaneously selling covered calls on the same stock.

How do you do a put side credit spread in Robinhood?

Watch Max’s YouTube video on the topic.

What’s the best trading platform? 

Read our platform reviews here.

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