MOT 4 Free

Announcement: MOT 4 Free is now live!

What is MOT 4 Free, you ask?

MOT 4 Free is your limited access past to the Max Options Trading Discord server, where our members get 24/7 trading support and dozens of trading alerts each day. 

If you have been watching Max’s technical analysis videos on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram, you know the type of value MOT provides. As an MOT 4 Free member, you gain access to about 30% of a paying member’s benefits. 

MOT 4 Free members gain instant access to our 24/7 options trading chat, our beginner questions channel, exclusive educational content, Tradytics flows bot, Max’s own MOT Indicator for TradingView, and access to our affiliate program. I’ll break down each benefit below. 

24/7 Trading Chat

Our trading floor main chat is filled with active traders sharing knowledge, trading ideas, motivation, and helping each other achieve greater gains. 

Beginner Questions

If you have a trading question beyond what is answered in our FAQ blog, you can get a quick answer from one of our professional trading admins. 

Educational Content

If you enjoy Max’s educational content found on our social channels, you will love the additional content found in our Discord. 

Tradytics Flow

Tradytics makes it easy for you to leverage data analytics and AI so you can access all the information you need to make a profitable trade.

MOT Indicator

The MOTi is Max’s custom indicator for TradingView that applies his EMAs and signals on your chart. 

Affiliate Program

Using your custom link, you can invite friends to Max Options Trading. We will pay you 25% ($15) of your friend’s membership fee for the life of their membership. Learn more here

With all of this value for free, why join the paid membership? 

For the other 70% of value found in our Discord! Paying members gain access to all four admin channels for alerts & signals, our daily watchlist channel, exclusive coaching from our admins, and additional flow bots. Try the MOT membership free for 7-days.


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