Max Options Trading

4-Week Mentorship Program

Take your options trading to the next level by joining our next mentorship cohort. Our mentorship program is designed for you to learn how to trade options like a pro by giving you the personalized guidance you need to succeed.

Bi-Weekly Individual Coaching Sessions

Focus on the areas you need to improve on to become a more profitable trader.

Daily Support In Small Group Setting

Personalized guidance on all lessons taught in coaching sessions.

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Focus on proven trading strategies, creating watchlists, managing plays, and more.

Only 9 Members Per Cohort

A small group setting designed to increase the individual support you get.

How To Reserve Your Spot In The Next Mentorship Program Session:

  1. Each session is 4 weeks long and each new session begins 4 weeks after the session prior; always on a Sunday. Choose which month you would like to reserve your spot for.
  2. Choose an available time slot. There are only 9 time slots available for each session and only 1 person can book each time slot. If there are no time slots left on the date of the session you are looking at then all spots are reserved for that session.
  3. Once you’ve entered your information and paid for your reservation, you’re in! Your mentor will reach out to you to welcome you to the cohort and give you further instructions on how to join your mentorship group in Discord.

I highly recommend taking @MattL🍒's one-month mentorship course. The weekly classes are well-structured and organized, and also helps us see his thinking process. The program also includes 2 one-on-one sessions which I found incredibly helpful, as he is patient and provided valuable insights on my trading strategy and mistakes. Take this course if you want to strengthen your foundation, and have a deeply knowledgable mentor walk you through setups each week. It's ok if you want @MattL🍒 to keep giving you fish, but I would much rather be able to fish myself. 1000% recommend @MattL🍒's mentorship course!

@panthëonMonthly Member

Finally finished my course with @MattL🍒. If you're looking to up your options trading game then you definitely need to take this course. Let's be real the price of this course is probably cheaper than 1 of our losses during a trade. This course is 1 month long and you get more than what you paid for. I came into the course knowing the basics, came out more knowledgeable. @MattL🍒 is a good teacher and is very knowledgeable. Taking this course has built a solid foundation to keep learning and improving. Just like in life nothing lasts forever and this course may not because @MattL🍒 he does so much already, get it while it lasts.

@popyellMonthly Member

I just finished my first 1 on 1 meeting with @MattL🍒 for the Mentorship program and it blew me away. He answered all of my questions and elaborated on everything to make sure I fully understood. He’s a great teacher and definitely wants the best for all of us. I can already tell there will be improvements in my trading. Can’t wait for the rest of this program! If you have the opportunity to sign up I definitely recommend doing it!

@ColbyMonthly Member

Had the pleasure to take part in @MattL🍒 's mentorship program, and cannot say enough about it. @MattL🍒 should be charging a heck lot more for the time, knowledge, organization, and patience he provides his students. I came into the program with a decent idea of how the market and options work, but over the 4 weeks period, @MattL🍒 really challenges you and pushes you to see things differently. In the first week, he told us that soon we would start seeing things on charts that we are blind to right now, and he was 100% correct. The chart goes from 2D to 4D and you are starting to analyze your setups with a whole new perspective. The weekly charts are valuable, but the 1 on 1 session and the live chat during trading hours are key. Instant feedback on what you did wrong, what you did right. I have a LONG way to go but the mentorship program has laid a solid groundwork moving forward. Run, don't walk to sign up.

@Wunderlich85Monthly Member