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At Max Options Trading, we are always interested in the next profitable trading strategy. For steady account gains, we hang our proverbial hats on the tried and true strategies like covered calls and cash secured puts, but when we think there is an edge to be had to increase our gains and the gains of our wonderful members, we test it. 

Starting on August 23rd, 2022, our beloved leader and the thickest options trader in the world, Max, will be testing a new scalping strategy that could bring huge gains to his account and yours. With this new strategy test, Max will be running a 2k Challenge. 

8/23/22: What’s The Test?

Max has long offered all active members the Max Options TradingView Indicator (MOTI). The MOTI puts Max’s EMAs and signals on your TradingView chart so you can see what he sees. These EMAs and signals have helped him become a millionaire by trading options. While it’s already battle-tested, Max wanted to see how it would the MOTI would hold up for scalping specifically. Over the next few weeks, we’ll update that scalping study here and on Max’s channel in our Discord, so join our Monthly Membership now to stay tuned live and follow his trades!

What’s The Max Options TradingView Indicator?

8/24/22: Setting Up The TradingView Indicator Test

To get a good clean test, Max has decided to focus on SPX. Below are the results of his first trade using the MOTI to day trade with SPX. 

8/25: Back Testing The TradingView Indicator Test

While planning for SPX, Max has decided to back-test this scalping study. Below are the results, including two 100% trades on MCD and COST

max options trading tradingview indicator

8/26: The First Official Trade For The TradingView Indicator Test

Max pulled an audible and went with TSLA for his first official trade in this test and profited a whopping $5. 

8/30: MOTI Is Back Tested & Ready 2 Go

Max is ready to let the MOTI rip for this scalping study.


Max’s test account is now up 42.87% in just 3 days after going 8/8 on practical trades.

9/2: BABA Back Test

BABA popped for 50% gains by 1030 hours for a gain of $600 or more.

9/6: The First Loss

After a string of successful trades, this is the first poor trade due in part to lousy closing fills.

9/7: Reminder That This Is A Test

While we’ve had some major wins during this scalping test, we’ve now had some significant losses. That’s ok though because we’re learning.

9/9: We’re Coming Back

We’re up 14% after being down 47%.

9/12: Finding Consistency

By being less greedy, Max’s account has steadily grown using just MOTI trades.

9/13: 80% Success Rate

During your best month, what was your success rate? 80% is considered elite among options traders.

Check back for more updates.

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