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In less than 24 hours my forex account went up 40% with the help from @MattL? @TwentySevenⓋ ? @Ppenn I didn’t know anything about trading forex and these guys helped me to get the hang of it very quickly and forex is a great way for busy people to trade because you don’t have to babysit the trades. Also, it helps practicing risk management as you always enter a tp and sl which helps with your own TA, since you can see the exact entry and exit plan from the very great traders here!

@CarlPremium & Forex Member

Shout out to @TwentySevenⓋ ? who helped me set up my Hugosway account and walked me through discord and also helped me with a number of newbie questions. Thanks to @Max Options Trading for putting this group together!!

@raleighdrigoForex Member

I had literally 0 idea how to trade Forex and the guys here helped through every step to get an account setup, learn how to use it, and read charts to make profitable trades. THANK YOU!

@ZakkkkForex Member