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Max's Credit Spread Guide

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  • Learn Max’s Credit Spread Strategy
  • Pattern Day Trader, No Problem!
  • Master The Iron Condor
  • Trade With Minimal Risk
  • A Convenient 12 Step Strategy
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Closed out my condor for tomorrow (11/12) for 70% gains. I have no open trades and won't be trading tomorrow since I'll be on vacation. More than made up for the big L on Monday. The spread strategy works.

@NotFrankPremium Member

What a week! Max Options Trading thank you for the amazing spread strategy guide! It was my first week trying. Not the cleanest execution but closed the spreads with 100% return. Working on getting a good fill and hedging as mentioned in phase 2 &3 but I can say I am already comfortable with this strategy. Excellent value for money guide!! Great stuff max!

@MaliciousMonthly Member

Is it easy to understand? Damn skippy it is - to be honest, without having as confident a grasp on trading when i first invested in it, when you released it, it is easily laid out but MY uncertainty in the application was what led to a delay in making a play. Now that I've made one, it really just comes together. Especially removing all the extra emotion out of it. I make this play, It shall bring profits, and the larger the equity I have the greater that consistency can be made.
And to have you do the challenge is seriously the thing that has been the key to let me know that this works even for the little guy. I fucking appreciate what you're sharing with all I am. It just makes sense to be able to apply profit and grow at a steady rate. I played one iron condor and when it closes, is gonna raise my account up 4% without thinking twice. Why wouldn't I do this all the time? Oh yea, now I know how to and can.

@ItsamejsbMonthly Member