One-On-One Options Trading Coaching

Our 5-Part Options Trading Course

Our 5-part options trading course is designed to help you become a professional options trader with one-on-one coaching sessions taught by seasoned options traders. You can start on whichever module you feel you need the most. If you’re brand new to options trading, we recommend starting with module number one. If you’re unsure which module you need, please contact us so that we can help you choose the right module for you.

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Every professional options trader has a different preference in set ups and indicators. In this module, we will teach you our time-tested set ups and indicators. We will show you how to read charts properly by using indicators to their full potential. We’ll also show you the methods we use to maximize our charting skills to make profitable trades.

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In this module, we will go over Discipline and Risk Management. These are two of the most crucial components to become a successful options trader. We will teach you our principles and guidelines that we follow to mitigate risk and keep our accounts growing. Every trader has gone through a time where they lacked discipline that led to financial loss. Let us help you mitigate that loss and teach you to trade options profitably.

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In this module, we will cover the Technical Analysis that we use daily that helps us keep a success rate over 80%. Technical Analysis is the most surefire way to have profitable trades. Regardless of your skill-level there is always more to learn. We can tailor this module to beginners and professionals to help you take your Technical Analysis to the next level.

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Once you know how to do TA and chart, it’s time to set up your daily watchlist! Watchlists are a great way to set up alerts and create many more opportunities for success without staring at a chart all day. Once you know how to create a watchlist, you have mastered the levels of support and resistance for price targeting and when to take profits! Let the professionals who have created thousands of successful watchlists show you how it’s done!

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Identifying profitable trades is the last piece to the options trading puzzle. We will teach you how to find trades with good potential and when to make the perfect entry. It’s easy to follow an alert from a professional analyst but can you make a call out yourself? We can help you identify set ups that will maximize your skills as a trader and help you become a professional options trader.

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