One-On-One Options Trading Coaching

Let us elevate your trading by helping you excel at the areas of trading you most need help improving.

Personalized Education

Your coaching session will focus on what aspect of your trading that you want to improve on.

Post-Session Follow Up

Your coach will check in with you after your session to fill in any gaps in your knowledge after you try what you learned.

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee that you will learn a lot from your coaching session and improve your trading ability or your money back.

Competitively Priced

At just $150, a coaching session with us is the best value you’ll find. Most people make back the cost of their session within the first week of trading.

Personalized Options Trading Education

In your one-hour coaching session, your coach will help you improve whatever aspect of trading you want to excel at. When you sign up for a session below, we will ask you questions to help us identify what aspect of trading you need the most assistance with. To book your session, choose a day and time on the calendar below. Once you’ve finished checking out, your coach will get in contact with you with any follow-up questions. All coaching sessions are recorded and sent to you so that you can review what you learned.

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Coaching Reviews

Coaching Session With Max 💰

Learn Max’s famed Wheel Strategy or Covered Call/Cash Secured Puts Strategy. Priced at $199/hr. You can purchase as many hours as you need.

Book A Session With Max

Coaching Session With BootyTrades🍑

Book a 1-on-1 coaching session with Booty and cover any holes in your trading plan. Booty will custom-tailor your session to your needs.

Just got to give a huge shout-out to @Boot ? for going over his coaching session with me. Even though I'm an employee of the company I still have a lot to learn and I wanted to build more confidence in my charting and TA. If you guys need in detail help or want to learn how to chart or just to build confidence like the admins I highly suggest taking a coaching session from them it is well worth it I enjoyed every second of it! Thank you again @Boot ? amazing job brother I appreciate it!

@NickMonthly Member

From my personal experience, the modules were amazing and full of knowledge and the price is definitely worth it and It feels great to be able to leave the modules feeling like I got my money's worth each time. Some of the topics teach you tricks and tips on how to deal with this always-changing market. I would’ve never figured out half the things I learned on my own and I feel confident now making my own picks and closing out trades to take profits consistently. Thank you guys for all your help and support.

@OMG_ItsLukeyMonthly Member

Just finished up the one-on-one coaching session with Max on discipline and risk management, man I cannot express the knowledge I gained and the amount of knowledge he has to give. It gave me insight and perspective about the rules and plans that I need to follow and stick to. I recommend every single one of us goes and takes a coaching lesson from Max. The lessons he has to teach are life-changing. Cannot wait to continue to grow with this group and take what I have learned and apply it to my life and trading.

@Evan.T11?Monthly Member