2023 stock picks

Last year, our admins chose 6 stocks that they liked in 2022. Although 2022 was a rough year for investors, our admins were pretty successful in trading options on the stocks they picked and if you have them in your portfolio, you’re probably happy with them. You can scroll down to find our 2022 picks. 

In 2023, our admins have picked new stocks to watch and trade. These are our picks for the best stocks in 2023.


Our top stock picks for 2023 are UNG, AMD, PDD, and NVDA.


Why We Like $UNG

“No brainer – natural gas had its worst month to start off a year in decades, almost down to all-time average and multiple bullish indicators for a rebound in 2023. Such as Freeport LNG reopening, colder weather, and larger demand from china. I’m all in on Natural Gas baby” – Max

Why We Like $AMD

“Fundamentally, AMD, with all the other tech stocks, was affected by the rate hikes. Now, with the slowing of rate hikes, tech stocks have a good chance to rise. Now technically, AMD has hit the golden fib zone starting from an all-time low to an all-time high. The stock is at a great spot for buying and a push above 80 level will give a chance for it to rise to 100.” – Kennyraw

Why We Like $PDD

“Technically speaking it broke out of the major downtrend and formed a pretty solid bull phase regardless of rest of the market. It has room upto $120 per weekly chart if this trend continues.” – Sean

Why We Like $NVDA

“Mainly because of the weekly inverse head shoulders. We have on the daily/weekly. Once we get some pull back on it to retest the 200 ema on the daily and reset the daily rsi I will be looking for signs of reversal and for it to break back above the neckline of the invhs to go long.” – Brior

2022 Stock Picks (Updated For 2023 Above)

Happy New Year to all of you degenerate MOTers!

2022 is going to be HUGE. Our team at Max Options Trading has big plans for company growth and, of course, investment account growth for our members. 

A lot of investors are worried about a risk of market correction due to inflation in 2022. Still, Bloomberg says, “the overriding message from almost 50 financial institutions across Wall Street and beyond is that conditions still look good.” We agree.

Don’t believe us & Bloomberg? Well, BNP Paribas says, “While many see a risk of stagflation, we are more bullish. We expect global growth to exceed both consensus expectations and its trend rate in 2022 and 2023.”

Still don’t believe us, Bloomberg, and BNP Paribas? Then I can’t help you. You’re destined to struggle and may want to consider moving all of your investments to some ETFs so your decision-making doesn’t harm your returns. 

If you’re still reading this, I will share some of our favorite stock picks for 2022. 


Our top stock picks for 2022 are UBER, RBLX, SPCE, AMD, BABA, F.


Why We Like UBER

“They’re a tech giant who will turn their first profit this year, and it’s only uphill from there.” – Max 💰

“The CEO came out and provided an update on the future for UBER. He reassured us that we are basically back at the pre-pandemic level and probably surpassed that. Also mentioned that they would be pulling out from unnecessary investment and focus more on the core and profitability.” – BootyTrades 🍑

Why We Like RBLX

“My TA shows that RBLX is at a prime spot for buyers. 85-90 levels should hold and attract major players; it’s 61% retracement from the top. I expect a push to 200+ where a major wave/extension should end. Fundamentally, with the metaverse evolving, we should see a major attraction towards RBLX.” – Kennyraw🥩

Why We Like SPCE

“It is one of the original MEME stocks – test flights later in the year followed by the first real paid commercial space flight if all goes well, a gap to $23 is an easy price target for 1-2 year holds.” – Max 💰

Why We Like AMD

“It has so much potential with Lisa Su driving the ship, almost near ATH, but the demand extremely outweighs the supply of their products and new contracts with Tesla’s top-selling vehicle with “automate” this company to over $200 in the next 12-24 months.” – Max 💰

Why We Like BABA

“It’s down 70% from ATH. BABA is a high-risk buy since China is still targeting them. China has been in a bear market, so the potential is better than the US market. The fundamentals for the stock are still there. It’s a bargain at these prices. You would almost be buying in at IPO price on BABA. A price someone paid eight years ago.” – BootyTrades 🍑

Why We Like F

“It has run a lot already since I went balls deep in F, but the fundamentals are amazing. They already have a loyal customer base. With the Lighting F-150 coming out, it will be huge. They already committed today to double the production! This means they are looking to deliver around 150,000 of these vehicles this year! TSLA’s biggest production is around 450,000 for both the Model 3 and Model Y, so about 225,000 for each. If any company were to compete with TSLA in the EV field. F is the one.” – BootyTrades 🍑

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