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With more than 3,400 broker-dealers to choose from, it can be challenging to select the best to use for trading.

After making thousands of trades across multiple trading platforms, our team can help you pick a trading platform that best suits you. 

Our Primary Pick: NinjaTrader

 NinjaTrader’s award-winning trading platform is consistently voted an industry leader by the trading community. Featuring 1000s of Apps & Add-Ons for unlimited customization, NinjaTrader is used by over 500,000 traders for advanced market analysis, professional charting, and fast order execution. Learn more here.

Max’s Pick: Robinhood

Why Does Max Like Robinhood?

To put it simply, “it’s the easiest platform to trade with.” Max talks about it at length in the first Intro to Trading class. Robinhood is commission-free and easy to use for traders of all levels. 

It’s spread and theta gang friendly, which fits Max’s trading style. It helps traders get around the PDT ruleCheck out this class to learn how to get around the PDT rule.

Robinhood makes options trading streamlined and offers free cryptocurrency trading. 

Open a Robinhood account today and get a free stock! 

SeansTrades‘ Pick: thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade aka TOS

Why does SeansTrades like TOS?

“TOS offers almost instant fills and lots of features. It has good level 2 critical tape reading.” 

TOS offers $0 commissions on stock trades but does cost $0.65 per options contract.

We think the small fee is worth it since TOS has a top-of-the-line educational program to add to your Max Options Trading education. TOS also has the best built-in charting platform, which may save you the monthly fee that TradingView charges if you choose to use it. 

Open a TOS account today!

Jake From Marketing’s Pick: Webull 

Webull, like Robinhood, is easy to use and a mobile-first trading platform. It does offer some more advanced charting options than Robinhood does and offers commission-free trades. 

If you aren’t interested in Robinhood after the public issues but want an easy-to-use trading platform with solid tools, Webull is for you.

Webull also has the best account opening promotion, giving you not 1 but 2 free stocks!

Open a Webull account today and get 2 free stocks! 

You’ll notice I only covered three trading platforms of the 3,400+ available options, and that’s because these are the three most popular platforms used by our members. To get further support in figuring out which trading platform is best for you, I recommend joining our Discord server or taking a coaching session. In your personalized coaching session, you can get help unlocking all of the necessary trading tools to help you succeed!

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