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Full-Day Advanced Mentorship

Take your options trading to the next level by signing up for a 1-day advanced mentorship with Eric Landstein. Eric will take you through the topics of risk management, technical analysis, trading psychology, and charting on TradingView.

Master Risk Management

Eric’s philosophy on position sizing, trade planning, portfolio diversification, and stop loss setting.

Trading Psychology

Understand how fear, greed, and rational thinking affect your profits. Get Eric’s assistance in setting personal trading rules.

Advanced Technical Analysis

Learn Eric’s approach to technical analysis that has allowed him to turn investing into a full-time occupation.

Successful Charting

Get exclusive access to every technique and indicator that Eric uses to set up his charts on TradingView.

Who is Eric Landstein anyway?

Eric is a full-time investor who has been trading options using technical analysis for over 5 years. His techniques and principles have allowed him to work from home, be his own boss, and become financially independent. He is also the co-founder of our favorite stock research platform, Vhinny.

After spending a day trading with Eric in a one-on-one video conference setting, you will be a more advanced investor.

In your session with Eric, he will focus on what you need the most assistance with. Generally, he will cover risk management, technical analysis, charting, and trading psychology. If you’re looking to take your trading to the next level or make investing a full-time occupation, this mentorship is for you.

Got done with my mentorship call with Eric a bit ago, and gotta say, he filled in a lot of gaps that I had about Technical Analysis, and I feel much more confident moving forward with trading. He explained everything well and even had a good few sections of "quizzes" where I did some charting while he made sure the information I was getting was being received. Excited for the coming weeks to start practicing and putting the practice to work. Highly recommend the mentorship if you're on the fence! Thank you again, Eric and all of the admins here that made a place for people who are hungry to learn. Cheers yall!

@MikeyMonthly & Forex Member

Had a great session with Eric. great content on indicators, and charts reading, and patterns. I could listen to these guys every day to learn. Thanks. Time to practice it on my own.

@mahsal66Monthly Member

After trading for over 3 years and being profitable for 2 of them, I thought I was pretty set. A buddy of mine told me to take Eric's mentorship just to see what else I could learn. I was skeptical but ended up learning a ton. Eric knows his stuff.

Jackson G.Trader Of 3 Years