Our Story

We were founded in February 2020 by Max Heaney, a professional trader who built his portfolio from $35,000 to over $2,000,000 in just 3 years using a mix of options trading strategies and other investment strategies to diversify his portfolio. After helping a few friends and family members learn how to trade options, Max realized he enjoyed teaching others how to acquire financial freedom. Thus, Max Options Trading was born. Now, Max and his team of professional options traders spend their time helping the Max Options Trading group members grow their options trading knowledge and portfolios.

Why Max Options Trading

We spent hours listening to the needs of people in other options trading groups before starting our own. We understand that education is not always a priority of our competitors and that’s what separates us from them. 

We want you to be as knowledgeable in investment strategies as we are so that you can gain financial freedom and maybe even join our admin team someday. We only have a limited number of membership slots in our group to ensure that every single member gets personalized assistance from our full-time trading team.

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